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The Pillory’s History

Everybody knows how Pelourinho physically looks. But do you know about the place's history? Come with us to understand a bit more about the historic center of Salvador!

Women's Day: Female Bahian Singers

In celebration of Women's Day, a list of the most influential female singers from Bahia, along with a bit of each one's story!

Getting to Know Salvador Through Movies

A list of movies to watch and satiate your longing (or anxiety) for Salvador, showing a bit of the city's culture through unique stories!

A Walk at Barra’s Shore

A perfect itinerary ready for a wonderful day at Orla da Barra in Salvador, with tips on where to eat, and all the necessary information about the establishments mentioned in each visit!

Top Ten Ticket Buying Sites

List with the ten best ticket purchase sites, their specialties and services, to guide you as you choose the best package for your trip!

Salvador For Children

A list of fun places to visit with children in Salvador, with information about each one, their addresses, opening hours and the best tips to enjoy each tour!

Best Itaigara Restaurants

An extremely useful list of the best restaurants located in the Itaigara neighborhood, their addresses, phone numbers and opening hours, as well as descriptions and tips about each one!

Valuable Tips for First Time Travelers

A series of tips for “first-time travelers”, from ticket purchasing and boarding to how to protect yourself against Covid-19.

The Top 10 Places to Eat Breakfast in Salvador

We have prepared a list of the 10 best places to enjoy a good breakfast in Salvador.

Todos os Santos Bay Islands Tour

Tips for tours on the top five islands from Baía de Todos os Santos, with specifications on the attractions each one of them hold, and even a little help on choosing the best option for your style of

Tips for an Amazing Car Trip.

A list with ten valuable tips for those traveling by car, with specifications on documents, items to take and even how to avoid any unforeseen events!

Tips for Your Kids to Enjoy a Pool Day Safely

Tips for enjoying a swimming pool with children safely, with information on how to realize these ideals, as well as specifications on how these rules are applied in our hotel.

Top 5 Salvador Beaches

List with the Top 5 Salvador beaches, highlighting each one's most relevant points and giving tips on how to enjoy them.

Documents Required In Order to Travel with Children

Bahia Fiesta Hotel has prepared a list of essential documents if you are traveling with children or teenagers.

The Five Must-Taste Dishes of Bahian Cuisine

A list of five dishes that anyone visiting Bahia cannot leave without trying!