Documents Required In Order to Travel with Children

Traveling is always wonderful, but when we are with our little ones everything is a thousand times better! However, in order for these experiences to continue happening, some precautions are needed, and the documents we need to take with us are one of them. In order to help you in such a joyful moment, we have prepared a list of all the documents you may need during the tour, regardless of your relationship with the child or where the trip is taking place! So just scroll down and take the best company in the world with you safely!

If the child is yours (whether are you a father, mother or both), always carry the identity cards (both yours and the child's), passports (valid ones) or the original birth certificate, so that the relationship between you can be proved. In case of international travel, only a passport is not enough: it is essential to carry the identity cards, since the new Brazilian passport has no paternity information. If you are a divorced mother or father, it is also necessary to take a written authorization from the other parent with you to the trip.

If you have any other degree of kinship with the child or teenager (grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, uncles, etc.), it is necessary to carry an original document with a photo that proves such kinship, as well as a written authorization from both parents responsible for the minor, even if the parents show up at the check-in.

If the child is traveling alone, without guardians, the written authorization signed by the father and mother, with notarized signature, is also required. But how to get this authorization? The first step is to fill out the standard form on the CNJ portal that can be obtained online (www.cnj.jus.br), or the one from the Federal Police. After downloading the pdf file, print it in two copies, fill it out and take it to a notary so that the firm can be recognized. It is worth mentioning that if more than one child from the same parents is going to travel, an authorization is required for each sibling.

Last but not least, bear in mind that these documentation are not only necessary for travel by plane: many hotels, like Fiesta, only host children if their guardians are carrying this documentation, according to the legislation. So, even if the trip is by car, it is always good to take everything with you! Following these simple requirements, a smooth trip is guaranteed without any major complications, so that you and your child can make the most out of the experience!