Families In Evidence

September 30, 2016 (09/30/2016)

The Fifth IBDFAM's Family's Right International Congress; Fifth National Congress On Parental Alienation and Shared Guard; and Third International Congress on Parental Alienation and Shared Guard are being organized by the Family's Law Brazilian Institute (IBDFAM) and the Brazilian Association Criança Feliz (ABCF) and will happen between September, 19th and 22nd, 2016, at Fiesta Convention Center in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Relying on speakers from different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Spain, United States, Portugal and Uruguay) and with the participation of associates from all over Brazil, the scientific event, FAMILIES IN EVIDENCE, which comprehends the 03 aforementioned congresses, aims to reach an audience of over 1000 persons, including lawyers, public defenders, judges, students, attorneys, psychoanalysts, psychologists, social workers, sociologists, as well as the general public, interested in the subjects related to Families's Law. 

In 2016, the event intends to amplify the debates and the presentations of the speakers in the panels, through the realization of short films, that bring us closer to subjects such as Family's Law and parental alienation.

The curation of the Short Movies Show will be performed by the Scientific Committee that organizes the congress, which is composed by the members of IBDFAM/Bahia and ABCF.