On the Tuesday night of March 10, 2020, Hotel Fiesta was once again awarded by the Salvador City Hall, through the Secretariat of Culture and Tourism (Secult), with the POP Award 2019.


The POP Award (Performance Optimization Program), which is already in its second edition, consists on a program implemented by Secult in order to recognize the hotels, equipment and tourist attractions with the best evaluations in reviews collected by satisfaction survey websites and online travel agencies. The data available on these sites is processed by the algorithm of the Spanish company ReviewPro, the Global Review Index ™, which has Salvador as the first Brazilian city to use the system.


Based on public opinion, the program is divided into four categories, "Hotels with up to 50 apartments"; "Hotels between 51 to 150 apartments"; “Hotels with more than 150 apartments”; and “Equipment and tourist attractions”. More than 100 means of accommodation are monitored by the POP, along with more than 30 facilities and tourist attractions. Among them is the Fiesta Hotel, which was once again awarded at the top three in the “Hotels with more than 150 apartments” category, receiving a trophy and a certificate of excellence.


When choosing the winners, criteria such as the time that the establishment manager takes to attend to the guests needs, the percentage of reviews answered and the POP index, which measures visitors satisfaction through the reviews mentioned above, are taken into consideration. Hotel Fiesta’s team, is really happy for having accomplished another important achievement, and are very grateful to all employees, partners and guests who contribute to such realizations, which motivate us to overcome difficult moments like the one we have been going through in the last few months.