Gastronomy that caters for all tastes! Fiesta Bahia Hotel has a stellar restaurant signed by Chef Roberto Santos that, together with À La Carte dinner dishes, offers many options for salads, meats and pastas on its luch buffet and a varied regional breakfast.

El Tenedor Restaurant

During lunch and dinner it's time for the Chef to perform his private international gastronomy show. A varied and quite harmonious buffet which includes different kinds of meats, fishes, seafood, pastas and salads.

As it couldn't have been different, the regional cuisine is also present, offering, in specific days, juicy fish and seafood moquecas, as well as the options for stews (without palm oil).

If the guest prefers, there is also À La Carte service, with the most varied options.

Guests with food restrictions can also, by request, order diet based meals.

Given the quality of the Hotel's kitchen, the breakfast and restaurant services are open to the public.

The restaurant closes at 11pm.


The delightful scents from the restaurant welcome the day, already during breakfast, when it's offered over 150 delicious items on spacious, relaxed and comfortable environment.

They're hot and cold dishes, pies, sweets, breads, sausages, cheese, and a myriad of seasonal fruits and juices.

The home specialty, during breakfast, is the famous manioc beijú (tapioca), with over 10 options for fillings, between sweets and savory.

Fiesta's breakfast is considered, by many guests, in their satisfaction forms, as the best in whole Brazil.

Fale Conosco
Fale Conosco