Getting to Know Salvador Through Movies




            Do you know that night that you sit on the couch, turn on the television, watch a movie set in France and feel like you're in Paris? Whether it is because you miss the place, or even out of curiosity to understand a little of what awaits you before you get there, the big screens have a huge capacity to enchant viewers for a place, and with Salvador it is no different! The city is so beautiful, that very often walking through its streets isn’t enough to celebrate the unique spot that it is. For this reason, the local citizens have produced several works talking about all the wonders that Salvador has, and many of them have become films! If you are coming to the city, or just left and are already in the mood to return, how about getting to know the place through the eyes of the Bahians? Let’s go?




  1. Ó Paí Ó



            Whoever thinks of Salvador, inevitably remembers the colors and beauties of Pelourinho. And if you want to teleport there, the film "Ó Paí Ó" is a great choice, once that it shows the viewers a life in the slums of the beloved neighborhood, and the way of being of each one who lives there. In addition, you will also learn a lot about the biggest party in the world, the carnival, to the sound of the wonderful trails of Bahia from Caetano Veloso!




  1. O Pagador de Promessas



            Here, our desperate protagonist resorts to a candomblé terreiro to have his requests fulfilled. There, he makes promises and struggles to reach the Church of Santíssimo Sacramento do Passo and comply with what was promised, while showing the cuisine and culture of Salvador during Colonial Brazil.




  1. Capitães da Areia



            It is crystal clear that in our list we need to present the works of the writer who talked the most about Salvador: Jorge Amado. In his most famous work, he portrays the reality of a group of street children living in a warehouse in Salvador in 1930, and experiencing the city’s life deeply. Through characters such as the capoeirista Querido-de-Deus, the mother of saint Dona Aninha and Father José Pedro, the children get to know every tiny little part of the place, dealing with religion and culture in a light and fun way. Between the Platform Maritime Terminal and the Railway Suburb, the boys even present festivities to the public, such as Iemanjá’s party.




  1. Quincas Berros D’água



            Still in Jorge Amado's world, we have Quincas Berros D’água, a work in which the protagonist is a civil servant who decides to change his life, but a peculiar obstacle appears in his path: death. However, his group of friends see the situation as a slight detail, and take the dead man for a walk through the Pelourinho, enjoying every moment, visiting all the bars, monuments, and presenting the public with a very funny portrait of the historic center.



  1. Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos



            So as to end our list with another work by Jorge Amado, we have Dona Flor, a widowed cooking teacher who gets married once more, but never overcomes her primary love. For that matter, she lives a double romance, attached to both of her husbands: the current husband and the soul of her first partner, while showing the portrait of an old and emotional Salvador.




So? Dd you like it? Now that you have seen all the options, start planning your trip to Salvador to get to know every corner of our city, cuisine, people, music and all the wonderful things we have here. We at Fiesta Bahia Hotel are ready to welcome you with open arms. Oh! And if you already know the place, take a look at the movies and come visit us here as soon as possible! We are waiting for you!