Rooms and Halls

Meet the various options of spaces that the Fiesta Bahia Hotel offers for the realization of your event in Salvador.

The Iris Hall

With 840sqm and a 5 meter ceiling, it can be split into 3 rooms with multiple areas of 140m²  by mechanically replacing the monolithic, movable walls. 

The roof is fitted with atmospheric lighting which makes possible the highlighting of specific areas. 

There are also simultaneous translation booths available, a 627m² foyer,  most of which can be incorporated into the hall through a large, 12 meter sliding door, as well as the infrastructure for food and beverages, with a bar and dining room.

Lotus Hall

With the same technical/spatial characteristics and capacity of the Iris Hall, this is located on the first floor.

It has its own bathrooms, a bar, support room, dining room and 238m² foyer.

Orchid Hall

This hall is located on the store floor, with 250sqm, 3.2 meter ceiling (except on the edges where it is 3m) and the capacity for 300 people in auditorium shape, 150 in classroom shape, 55 five in a U shape, 175 in banquet formation. It can be split into two 125sqm halls, through a system of moveable walls.


The Convention Center has a paved area located on the second floor with 11 rooms and a varying capacity of between 45-75 pax in the auditorium  where there is a mini-bar, a safe, a projection screen and a multi-media projector already installed in the ceiling. 

There is also an external space attached to each room for a secretary and telephone switchboard. 

This paved area has its own bathrooms. a 274sqm foyer, support room, dinning room, bar and reception.

Fale Conosco
Fale Conosco