Salvador is a beautiful city, full of history, tourist spots, traditions and culture that attract travelers looking for a pleasant, fun and content-filled trip. However, we know that in order to visit a place we have never been to, it is interesting to keep in mind a few tips that will help you to spend light, happy and satisfying days throughout your visit. Bearing this in mind, we created a mini “survival manual” for the tourist who comes to Salvador, with information that goes from essential phones and location of consulates in the city to a little help on the caution that should be taken to avoid problems during the trip.


  1. It’s no news that one of the most striking parts of Salvador's culture is the famous Bahian food. Although it tastes delicious, it is prepared with palm oil, a heavy seasoning that can be badly received if eaten excessively by someone who’s not used to this type of cuisine, as well as pepper, which goes very well with local culinary but in exaggeration can harm your trip. We know that a good moqueca or acarajé is irresistible, but it is nice to take care with quantity when enjoying these foods, in addition to eating carefully so as not to dirty your clothes (oil stains cannot be cleaned!).


  1. Salvador's climate is somewhat unstable, often alternating between sunny landscapes and short rains. Despite this, the heat predominates in the city, and for those who are not used to it, a good tip is to wear light clothes (sandals, blouses or shorts) instead of jeans, for example, and take a bottle of water with you (or buy it during the tour) for the hottest moments!


  1. Despite having well-policed ​​tourist spots (such as the pillory), it’s not recommended to leave your belongings without any attention around. Keep bags, wallets and alikes always where you can see them, and be careful when taking pictures (using a super tech phone or a fancy GoPro in a far away location is not a good idea), in addition to not going to the beach with flashy accessories if you're going to leave them unattended while at sea, for example.


  1. As for transportation, a good idea is to use the Uber platform, which is usually cheaper than a taxi ride. However, if you are staying at the Fiesta hotel, it is worth changing your strategy and using the taxis that are parked at the point right in front of the hotel, with drivers who are partners of the establishment and offer way more affordable prices for guests, therefore being a huge advantage in means of transport through the city (also due to Fiesta’s excellent location, which takes place close to several tourist spots, once that it sets between Farol da Barra and Farol de Itapuã). To get to and from the airport, which is not so close to city center, it is worth hiring a transfer company, such as a TourOn, for example.


  1. The peak time of the city's movement in tourist spots is usually at 4pm, which means you should do your best to avoid queues at that time of the day. Arrive early on places where you have to wait, or use this moment to go to open places, such as beaches, squares or outdoor walks, in order to avoid unwanted crowds.


  1. In tourist spots it’s common to see street vendors offering gifts, trying to tie the famous ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim in the arms of tourists, among other stuff like it. To avoid inconvenients during your ride, be aware of their arrival and don’t delay in conversations, so that nothing harms your tour.


  1. A certain great call for those who want to enjoy the best tours around the city is to hire a travel agency such as Privê Tour, located inside Fiesta hotel. With a little help from these companies your tour can be even more interesting and fun, visiting the most important tourist spots so that your experience in Salvador has no lacks at all!


  1. Finally, go with an open mind for a trip to Salvador, willing to acquire brand new knowledge and understand the local history and culture, which have a lot to offer. This way, you’ll certainly be able to make the best out of your period in the city.


  1. As promised, here are some of the most important phones to keep in mind on a visit to Brazil, as well as information to help locate consulates in Salvador, if necessary.


            Phone Numbers:


Salvador Airport - (71) 3204-1000

Firefighters - 193

1st Police Station (Barris) - (71) 3117-6120

Tourist Protection Police Station (Pelourinho) - 3116-6512

Specialized Police Service for Women (Brotas) - (71) 3116-7000

Civil Police - 197

Military Police - 190

Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) - 192


            Consulates (Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Chile, South Korea, Cuba, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay):



Honorary Consulate of Germany in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Petra Hildegard Erma Schaeber


Av. Sete de Setembro, 1809 - Corredor da Vitória

ZIP Code 40080-002 - Salvador - BA

Tel: + 55 (71) 3023-0847



Consulate of Argentina in Salvador


Avenida Centenário, N ° 2411

Centennial Business Building, 13th Floor - Chame-Chame

ZIP Code 40155-151 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3241-4863 / 3241-5304 / 3241-5913 / 99965-6146

Fax: +55 (71) 3241-4862



Honorary Consulate of Austria in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Simone Klein de Araújo


Av. Rua Silveira Martins, 119 - Cabula

ZIP Code 41150-000 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3387-4321



Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Salvador

Honorary consul: Stéphane Perée


Santos Dumont Avenue, Km 1 - Estrada do Coco

Ed. Refran, Room 507-508

ZIP Code: 42700-000 - Lauro de Freitas - BA

Tel / Fax: +55 (71) 3288-0338



Honorary Consulate of Benin in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Marcelo Sacramento de Araujo



Rua Silveira Martins, 3806 - Cabula

ZIP Code 41150-000 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3230-5565 / 3321-2161 / 99982-6626

Fax: +55 (71) 3231-0403



Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Chile in Salvador




Tancredo Neves Avenue, 1222, Catabas Tower Building, Room 406 - Caminho das Árvore

ZIP Code 41820-020 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3797-9333 / 3797-9355 / 3272-0588


South Korea

Honorary Consulate General of South Korea in Salvador

Av. Jorge Amado, 980, Conjunto A - Bairro Boca do Rio

ZIP Code 41720-040 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3483-0922

Fax: +55 (71) 3483-0922



Consulate General of Cuba in Salvador




Lord Crochane Street, 66 - Barra

Zip code 40140-070 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 2137-5647



Honorary Consulate of Denmark in Salvador


Av. Estados Unidos, 130, conj 18B, 9º andar, Ed. Estados Unidos - Comércio

ZIP Code 40010-020 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3505-8825



Consulate General of Spain in Salvador


Rua Marechal Floriano, 21 - Canela

ZIP Code 40110-010 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3336-9055 / 3336-1937 / 3337- 3112

Consular Emergency: 9968-3567 Mr. Consul: 3036-0326

Fax: +55 (71) 3336-0266


United States

Consular Agency in Salvador


Av. Tancredo Neves, 1632, Room 1401, Salvador Trade Center, Torre Sul - Caminho das Árvore

ZIP Code 41820-020 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3113-2090 / 2091



Honorary Consulate of Finland in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Wilson Galvão Andrade


Avenida Magalhães Neto, 1752, Lena Empresarial Building sala 207 - Bairro Pituba

ZIP Code 41810-012 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3271-0520



Honorary Consulate of France in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Mamadou Gaye


Rua Sete de Setembro, 401 - Ladeira da Barra

Zip Code 40130-000 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 99377-6176



Honorary Consulate of Greece in Salvador


Rua da Espanha, 30, Ed. Martins, 805/806 - Commerce

ZIP Code 40010-040 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3326-7251

Fax: +55 (71) 3243-3360



Hungarian Honorary Consulate in Salvador

Honorary consul: Géza Ürményi


Rua Prof. Clementino Fraga, 33, apto 301 - Bairro Ondina

Zip code 40170-050 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3052-1036 / 99609-5693



Honorary Consulate General of Japan in Salvador

Rua Campinas de Brotas, 104-E - Brotas

ZIP Code 45928-000 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3494-2694



Honorary Consulate of Norway in Salvador


Av. Estados Unidos, 130, 9º andar, Ed. Estados Unidos - Bairro Comércio

ZIP Code 40010-020 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3243-3125


Netherlands (Netherlands)

Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Egbert Hein Bloemsma


Rua da Alfazema, 761, Way of the Trees

ZIP Code 41820-710 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3495-2882



Honorary Consulate in Salvador


Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 198, room 204, Ed. Mar à Vista - Ondina

ZIP: 40170-080 - Salvador - BA



Consulate General of Portugal in Salvador

Consul General: Jorge Gabriel Silva da Fonseca



Tancredo Neves Avenue, nº 1632, Salvador Trade Center Building, North Tower, 1st floor, Rooms 109 to 113, Caminho das Árvore

ZIP Code 41820-020 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3271-2354

Fax: +55 (71) 3341-2796


Czech republic

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Salvador


Av. Santa Luzia, 149, ap. 2002, Ed. Bosque Itália - Horto Florestal

ZIP Code 40.295-050 - Salvador, BA

Tel: (+55 71) 3356-9573



Honorary Consulate General of Romania in Salvador

Honorary Consul General: Antonio Maria Porpino Peres Junior


Santa Luzia, 1136, sala 304 - Horto Florestal

CEP: 40.295-050 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3101-0105



Swedish Honorary Consulate in Salvador



Av. Luís Viana Filho, 417 - Paralela

ZIP Code 41730-101 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3380-4001

Fax: +55 (71) 3380-4010



Swiss Honorary Consulate in Salvador

Honorary Consul: Daniel Kunz


Rua Lucaia, 281, sala 308 - Rio Vermelho

ZIP Code: 41940-660 - Salvador, BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3334-1671



Consulate General of Uruguay in Salvador

José de Anchieta Square, 18 - Pelourinho

ZIP Code: 40025-020 - Salvador - BA

Tel: +55 (71) 3326-3037 / 9038

Fax: +55 (71) 3326-3039