The Five Must-Taste Dishes of Bahian Cuisine

It is no news that Bahia has an unique and unforgettable flavor, right? Every tourist who visits the state leaves amazed by the typical Bahian cuisine, unique in the world! Therefore, we have prepared a list of five dishes that anyone visiting Bahia cannot leave without trying! If you want to have a complete experience on your journey here, just scroll down and check it out!

1 - Acarajé

Acarajé is, by far, the symbol of Bahian cuisine. An Afro-Brazilian gastronomic specialty, it is a dumpling of black-eyed peas, onions and salt fried in palm oil. With an unique and characteristic taste, it can be accompanied by a good vatapá, a delicious shrimp, some pepper or several other spices that further enhance the unforgettable taste of Bahia!



 2 - Moqueca

The famous moqueca is a seafood stew characteristic of Bahian cuisine, which features a series of delicious spices, a mouth-watering sauce, and usually comes with rice. The dish can be found in many places around Bahia, but Fiesta guests don't have to go far: our restaurant El Tenedor serves a wonderful moqueca you can't miss!


3 - Abará

Where there is acarajé, there is abará, and a visit to Bahia isn’t complete without trying both: the abará is a black-eyed puff pastry, just as acarajé, but prepared ground and cooked in a double boiler. The dish is served wrapped in a banana leaf, and carries an unique Afro-Brazilian flavor!


 4 - Caruru

Caruru is a delicious Bahian delicacy and a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Bahia! Usually served with acarajé or abará with dried shrimp, palm oil and pepper, it is an okra stew that gathers African and indigenous flavor in an incomparable dish!


5 - Bolinho de Estudante 

Finally, you can't go through Bahia without trying a student cupcake! The dish is a sweet made of granulated tapioca, coconut, cinnamon and sugar, typical of the June festivities, but delighted all year long by Bahians! Oh, and a tip: you can find the best student cupcake in the state without going far, right at the Fiesta hotel breakfast!

The cuisine of Bahia is one of the richest in the whole world, and by tasting these dishes that we have selected you can get to know a sample of the best that Bahian flavor has to offer! Bon voyage and good appetite!