Tips for an Amazing Car Trip.

Traveling, no matter how, is always a delight, right? Even so, there is always that more adventurous traveler who likes to enjoy every bit of the tour: not only the destination, but also the journey! If you are one of these, and you love a super fun and peaceful car trip, these tips are just right for you! Then scroll down, take a look at our tricks for a more comfortable and pleasant car ride, and make the most out of your next journey!


1. Plan yourself


We know that the adrenaline runs high when traveling, and any good traveler can't wait for the moment of getting in the car and starting the adventure. However, an essential tip is to take it easy. Take some time before your trip to plan yourself, think about details that you don't want to worry about during the journey, and thus reduce the occurrence of unforeseen events. Take a look at Google Maps and check the route, tracing the best one for your trip, in addition to where you will find gas stations and tolls, to plan the amount that will be spent on the road and organize the stops of the journey. If you are going to travel with your own car, it is worth doing a quick review before leaving, so as to avoid eventual problems that may arise during the tour.


2. Documents


This is a crucial part of your trip, which when skipped can put a harsh end to the joy of the ride! Check and keep near your driver's license (remember to check if it is valid before you leave!) and your car documents, which can be requested during the route. If your trip crosses borders, search in advance for the necessary documents to go there, guarantee your international license and study the local laws (different countries can fine drivers for different reasons, and it is essential to adapt to the local regulations). Furthermore, don't forget to think about the coin that’s used in the place! It is useless to take brazilian money with you if your trip crosses a country with a different currency!

PS: Money is also a valuable tip: avoid relying too much on debit and credit cards. In order not to be taken hostage by the machines on the road, always carry some physical money with you!


3. Food


Car trips can be great, and you will need a good amount of energy to go through the adventure smoothly. Part of that comes from your diet: be sure to eat healthy once that you're on the road. Although it is complicated, since fast-food restaurants tend to be very present on such routes, there are always alternatives. Take a cooler bag with snacks, juice and water, especially if you are traveling with children, who tend to feel hungry quite frequently during car rides. Fruits are a good choice, since they do not leave any crumbs and won’t stain the car, compromising the comfort of passengers (but a valid reminder is to avoid tangerines! As they have a very strong smell, they can dominate the car and hinder the trip!).


4. Health


Taking the road, although wonderful, is tiring, especially for the driver. Therefore, take care of yourself, sleeping well the night before the trip (especially because driving sleepy is an enormous danger to everyone in the car!), taking a bag of first aids with you (don't forget to bring a pain reliever, in order to solve possible headaches and, if possible, also take some hygiene products to remedy eventual discomforts) and taking breaks! Even if you have a peaceful night of sleep, be sure to rest from time to time. When you find a snack bar, for instance, take the opportunity to go to the bathroom, drink fresh water, stretch and even spend a few minutes looking at the view. This way you will not only renew your energies, but also enjoy the tour much more! And in the end, rest assured, having the comfort of a Hotel like Fiesta is a guarantee of the major comfort there is!


5. Music


Music is by far one among a driver's greatest allies. An animated playlist gives another face to the trip, makes time go by way faster and entertains everyone inside the car for hours! But be careful: try to prepare a list with songs that will please all travelers, because just as music has the power to liven up an atmosphere, it can also spoil it! Try to balance the styles and tastes of everyone in the car, so that it will be a profitable experience for everybody!


6. Car


The car is undoubtedly the most important part of the trip, and can cause a lot of stress. For that matter, be sure to pay some attention to it before you leave: try to keep the fuel tank always full (on an unknown road you never know when it will be possible to refuel), so as to avoid stopping in the middle of the road. These stops can not only annoy travelers, but also bring with you some fines and points in your wallet! Also, think about the model of the car you’re taking with you: a small car will not accommodate four, five people in the best way. Therefore, if your car is disproportionate to the number of passengers, or of an unsuitable model for road trips, consider renting a car that fits better for the mission.


7. Breaks


In the case of very long trips, it isn’t recommended to stay on the road day and night, or even sleep in the car. If possible, try to stop at an inn or hotel to spend the night and have a hearty breakfast! Comforts like those offered at our hotel will renew your energy and help make your trip even more special! We at Fiesta Bahia Hotel will always be with open arms and very happy to be able to play a role in this unforgettable experience! Oh, and an extra tip: if there are no establishments nearby, this is an excellent opportunity to find a safe place and camp out in the open!


8. Children


If car trips can be tiring for adults, for children the impact is ten times greater. It is an excellent idea to help the little ones during the tour, taking toys to entertain them, providing a comfortable chair for them to sleep if needed, and even including them in the playlist we discussed above! Two or three songs from their favorite cartoon won't ruin your trip, but can make a huge difference in the kids experience! Another important tip is to pay attention to the signals that they may transmit. If they are very young, they probably will not be able to explain or communicate if they are feeling sick, and it's the parents task to pay attention to these tiny details and help them during the journey.


9. Avoid relying 100% on GPS


Every traveler knows that a good GPS saves lives, right? Although, as far as possible, try not to become a hostage to him. Study the route and have at least a minimal notion of where to go. This kind of knowledge can save you in places where the signal is weak and the GPS cannot find a connection, or even in situations in which recently modified roads appear that have not yet been updated on the online network. In these cases, a good idea is to ask a local resident or professional for guidance! There is no point in putting your pride above the practicality of your trip (or even its safety!).


10. Enjoy


Finally, face your trip as what it is: a unique learning opportunity, source of joy and creator of memories that will last for a whole lifetime. When entering the car, go with an open mind, freeing yourself from everyday luxuries. The best type of traveler is the one who gets on board with everything (respecting the safety limit, obviously), and enjoys every second of the tour! Trips like this don't always happen, so enjoy the experience and renew your energy during the tour, so as to come home full of joy and without any regrets!