Todos os Santos Bay Islands Tour



One of the greatest symbols of Bahia has always been its beaches, right? And in its capital, Salvador, these beaches are even more beautiful! The Todos os Santos Bay is located on Salvador’s coast, and offers 56 beautiful islands for you to pick and enjoy a sunny afternoon! Getting there is pretty simple: these tours are usually organized by tourism agencies, such as PrivêTur, which has a special space inside the Fiesta Hotel, facilitating our guests access to the islands! So, just scroll down, get to know a little more about the five beaches that we chose among these beauties, and plan your visit to each one of them!


1 - Ilha dos Frades


The sweetheart of everyone who knows the Bay, Ilha dos Frades has a breathtaking beauty. Presenting a gifted landscape, with blue waters surrounded by green trees, the beach is ideal for going on a peaceful walk or a family day: here you’ll find warm and calm waters, as well as a delicious boat trip! As if that weren't enough, Ilha dos Frades carries a rich part of the state's history, with churches and forts waiting to share its past with visitors!


2 - Ilha de Itaparica


This is the largest of all the islands in the Bay, and has 15 wonderful beaches, similar to those in Ilha dos Frades: relaxing, warm and peaceful. However, here we have an incredible tour idea: the unique experience of diving! The island is full of scuba diving programs, so that its visitors can get even more in touch with nature and actually feel as if they were part of the island! On the way back and forth to the place, there is also the unique fun provided by a ferry or speedboat ride! This way you even get to choose how you want to get there: by land or sea!


3 - Ilha da Maré


This is the closest island to Salvador, therefore the most practical one for travelers who only want to make a quick visit and return to our hotel. However, be aware: the island is so delicious that we are sure you’ll want to spend the whole day in its waters! Perfect to disconnect from the stress of everyday life, the island offers a wonderful day, full of characteristic elements of Bahia, such as local handicrafts and bobbin lace, a beautiful decoration produced by Bahians! Now, before you go, here’s a tiny tip: avoid going to Botelho Beach, as it is full of boats and there is sort of a lack of space for bathing. For this reason, your adventure will be better spent on other beaches on the island, such as Praia das Neves and Rasinha, which is perfect for families!


4 - Ilha do Bom Jesus dos Passos


This island has a very specific and special element, that you can already get by its name: religion. Full of churches and religious presentations, the island is a paradise for those who enjoy a “holy” day at the beach! As it is a smaller island, its population is almost self-sufficient, fishing and cultivating the food they offer, and bringing an inland atmosphere to the place! Oh, and a heads up here: in this island the practice of water sports is very common and encouraged! If you are a sportist, that’s just the spot for you!


5 - Ilha do Medo


Finally, the Baía de Todos os Santos offers an island for the curious: the “Fear Island”. Full of ruins and stories to tell, the place is sparsely inhabited and known for its myths, attracting tourists who like to unravel mysteries, and who usually go there to understand a little more about the main one of the place. Legend has it that, during Brazil’s colonization, the island housed an asylum for leprosy and cholera patients, which earned it the name it still carries! With a little courage and curiosity, a visit to the island can become a very fun and exciting ride!


We at Fiesta Bahia Hotel love to watch our guests' trips to the islands in the bay, and are always look forward to welcoming you along with all the beauties that the wonderful state of Bahia holds! So don't waste any time and start preparing your visit right now!