Top 5 Salvador Beaches

It is a rule: everyone who travels to Salvador arrives in the city placing a thousand expectations on the beautiful beaches that the place promises... and never leaves disappointed! The natural beauty of the city is breathtaking, and even more amazing live! That is why we have separated for you a list of the five beaches that you cannot miss visiting during your time in the city, especially if you are staying at the Fiesta Bahia Hotel, which has a privileged location regarding access to all of them, as we are right in the city’s center, between Farol da Barra and Itapuã! So that you don’t miss a thing, just scroll down and check your future tours!



1 - Porto da Barra Beach


The visit to Porto da Barra’s beach was made to last all day: located inside an area full of touristic spots, it offers restaurants, bars and even a museum, the Nautical Museum of Bahia, inside the lighthouse that names the place! It is only 4 kilometers from the city center, has beautiful waters decorated by rocks that form pools, making the beach ideal for families, and an area dominated by watersports ahead! Furthermore, it is just 12 kilometers from the Fiesta Bahia Hotel!


2 - Jaguaribe Beach


This beach, which is only 10 kilometers from the Fiesta Bahia Hotel, is close to the mouth of the Jaguaribe River, and is very lively, being a perfect stop for surfers (it has several surfing schools and has even hosted surf championships!). Further to the center, the waves become calmer, allowing visitors to enjoy a great swim.


3 - Piatã Beach


With beautiful waves, bars full of local spices and a landscape divided between families bathing at low tide and sportsmen venturing into the most exciting places, Piatã’s beach is one of the most enjoyed by the soteropolitanos, and definitely a trip you’re not going to regret! It takes place at only 11 kilometers from the Fiesta Bahia Hotel and is the perfect spot for you to take a typical Bahian sea bath!


4 - Itapuã Beach


You don't even have to visit Salvador to know Itapuã’s beach: printed all over the city's postcards and in every Bahian heart, the beauties of the place enchant anyone who passes by, amusing its visitors with natural pools, bars and even its own lighthouse, surrounded by boats that even look decorative, of how beautiful the landscape they form is. The beach, which is only 13.5 kilometers from the Fiesta Bahia Hotel, is so charming that it even has its own music, so you already know, right? On the trip to Itapuã’s beach, it's “Tarde em Itapoã”, by the poet Vinícius de Moraes, on repeat!

5 - Flamengo Beach


Last but not least, the gorgeous Flamengo beach is located on the border between Salvador and Lauro de Freitas, and is placed only 18 kilometers from the Fiesta Bahia Hotel. The natural beauty has an infrastructure that's just perfect for those looking forward to enjoying a fun afternoon in Salvador. Kiosks, massages, showers and children's spaces make the place even more special, bringing different activities to your beach day!



Salvador is known worldwide for its beaches for a reason: they are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful in the world! So be sure to make a relaxed visit to at least one of these natural beauties that the city has, and make the most out of what it has to offer!