Top Ten Ticket Buying Sites


A really wonderful trip is one that we enjoy 100% of the time, right? And in order for that to happen, everything needs to be well planned in advance, avoiding unforeseen events, among them, problems with the flight. Many times the same flight has several different prices depending on where the ticket is purchased, or the period of the year in which you buy it. In order to help you with that, there are countless ticket purchase websites, and we at Fiesta Bahia Hotel have gathered the top ten here to help you with this very important task, saving your time (and your money)! Come with us and choose in which one your next flight is on!


  1. Google Flights


Google has got so many different services that we can barely get to know them all, right? But this one is ideal for travelers: Google Flights! It allows you to compare several different airlines and find unique prices, in addition to having the opportunity to use an interactive world map to help your choice just one single click away! Oh, and it's worth bearing in mind: here you don't pay any tickets. The website directs you to a partner, and then you finalize the purchase.


  1. Decolar.com


The second website on our list is Decolar, which offers much more than a ticket purchase service! Here you can also compare prices of daily rates at hotels and even car rentals at your destination, through a search conducted by the server on 750 different websites, to which it sends you when you choose the service you want! It is undoubtedly a wonderful solution to many problems when traveling!


  1. ViajaNet


Just as Decolar.com, ViajaNet offers much more than simply purchasing tickets: here you can compare prices for travel packages, hotels and car rentals, along with scheduled alerts for when the service you want is costing more low. It is certainly worth checking out!


  1. Submarino Viagens


 At Submarino Viagens, either it is through the website or the application (available for Android and IOS), you can compare prices of travel packages or tickets, submitting the results to various filters according to your need! And there is yet another advantage: since it is a Brazilian company, most of the processes end up being facilitated (like changing tickets, for example)! Despite that, Submarino also has partnerships with international companies, which makes it possible to purchase travel packages outside of Brazil. Any questions, just call the company, which offers personalized service by phone!



  1. MaxMiles


This is a website (or application) focused on those who travel with miles. Miles are points you earn with an airline when you buy products or services from it, which can later be redeemed for tickets or even sold on websites such as this one. But take it easy: if you don't have miles, this website is still useful for you. Although it isn’t the main proposal, he also allows you to purchase cash tickets.


  1. 123Miles


If you plan to travel with miles and didn’t like the website we presented above, no problem! 123Milhas is another wonderful website that works with the purchase of tickets for miles, offering several discounts and packages (it is one of the websites with the cheapest prices on this list!). Like MaxMilhas, it has both website and app versions, as well as making ticket purchases using cash, if it is of your preference.


  1. Kayak


This is a site more focused on trips planned in advance, because it has very efficient long-term research. Here you can simulate prices on future dates and find the lowest fares for each one of them on more than 440 websites! In addition, members of the website have a 35% discount guaranteed, and if you want to enjoy this privilege, just register on the site! And don't stop there: registered users receive emails with changes in ticket prices, ensuring you the best choice for your trip!


  1. EDreams


If you want to travel to Europe, EDreams is undoubtedly one of the best requests, once that the website is especially focused on purchasing of European flights. It is more than ideal for those who are already in Europe and want to travel to another country within the continent, offering several promotions and offers as soon as you open the website.


  1. SkyScanner


SkyScanner, whether on website or application (available for Android and IOS), offers numerous promotional packages that can be found through filters applied to options according to your needs! Furthermore, it is possible to activate alerts and emails with price changes, helping you in your final choice! Oh! And remember that, as with most ticket purchase sites, you won’t be paying for your ticket directly at SkyScanner: once you have chosen the service, it will direct you to another website, from an airline or partner travel agency, so that you are able to finalize your purchase!


  1. Mundi


Finally, we have Mundi, another comparator, but without specialization: here you can find national or international flights, from any airline, and compare the prices of each so as to be directed to what you like the most.


We hope to have helped you choose the most cost-effective ticket for your trip, which hopefully will head to the Fiesta Bahia Hotel! Our arms are always open and we can't wait to welcome you to our establishment! And finally, a tip: regardless of what is available on the websites, never fail to confirm the rates directly with the hotels, because generally the values are even cheaper!


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