If there is a place made out of colors, flavours, culture, beauties, parties and unique landscapes, this place is Bahia. With music, cuisine, monuments, paradisiacal scenarios and unique activities, it is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for a vacation trip alone, as a couple, with friends or family. But why is Bahia so worth visiting? That's what we're about to tell you.


Before anything else, you will undoubtedly start planning your trip just by looking at images of some of the natural beauty of the place. With the best beaches in Brazil (there are more than 900km of beaches, 75 of which are located in Salvador!), ranging from the quietest to the loudest, Bahia is a paradise for bathers, photographers and adventurers. There, you can enjoy from unique views (which may include the presence of beautiful marine animals, such as Abrolho’s humpback whales) to shows with your feet in the sand, depending on your preference. In addition, the place is full of beautiful waterfalls (giving due emphasis to those in Chapada Diamantina), which together with trails, hills, streams and trees that seem to have emerged from a fairy tale, transform places like Morro from São Paulo, Boipeba and Itacaré in true paradises.


For those looking for an even higher level of fun, it is worth mentioning that Bahia contains a very rich ecotourism, where lovers of adventure, sports and adrenaline find their delight. There, you’ll be able to participate in countless and unforgettable activities, such as the trails of the Atlantic forest, the practice of rappelling in the waterfalls, unique dives in local beaches and even visits to caves (such as Lapa Doce, in Chapada). A tip for those staying in Salvador is to enjoy a delicious schooner ride through Baía de Todos os Santos all the way to Ilha dos Frades, where unparalleled stand up and snorkeling are waiting for tourists.


Speaking of Bahia is talking about the rich Bahian culture, which could not be missing here. You can imagine that a place that have been influenced by European, indigenous and African people has a lot of history to tell, right? And in what comes to that, Bahia leaves nothing to be desired. The place exhales art, in the form of music (Bahia is one of the states that most contributed with outstanding singers in the history of MPB (Brazilian popular music), such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Ivete Sangalo and many others), dances (like the famous capoeira), popular festivities (it’s not new that the best carnival in the world is the one from Salvador!) and religious (from various religions, such as the Iemanjá from candomblé party and the Bonfim party, of Catholics), rich folklore place, secular constructions (such as Pelourinho) and even in writing, which can be seen in the museums of Jorge Amado, Vinícius de Moraes and many others.


An essential part of Bahian culture is, without a doubt, it’s gastronomy. With an unmistakable spice and a wonderful tradition, Bahia offers flavors that are not found anywhere else in the world, in the form of the famous abarás, acarajés, carurus, vatapás, moquecas, cocadas, caipirinhas and much more. With a strong influence of African cuisine, it is more than certain to say that Bahia is a beautiful party of colors and flavors.


Last but not least, we could,’t not talk about what truly makes Bahia, Bahia: the Bahian people. Cheerful, receptive, intimate, friendly and partying, the Bahian welcomes those who visit their land with a smile from ear to ear, celebrating life like no one else in the world. Undoubtedly, the beauties of Bahia will start with the hugs and laughter of those who welcome you to the state.


For these and so many other reasons, Bahia is such a special place, and it will always be with open arms for your visit to the entire rich history of the state. Even because, according to the Bahian Saulo Fernandes, it’s joy and magic are unforgettable for those who pass by it.