Women's Day: Female Bahian Singers


Anyone that knows Bahia is aware that our music represents our people more than anything, right? Either it is axé, funk, sertanejo, forró, mpb, pagode or the famous samba, the regional rithms bring all the Bahian people’s joy to the ears all over Brazil. For that matter, in honor of the women’s month, the Fiesta Bahia Hotel brought you a list of the most influential Bahian female singers, who deserve all the recognition in the world! To be enchanted by the gorgeous voices of Bahia, just scroll down and get to know their stories!


Ivete Sangalo


It would be impossible to start this list without her, the mother of carnival in Brazil. Ivete was born in Juazeiro, Bahia, and currently lives in the state capital. At seventeen, she started spreading her voice in Bahian bars, until she joined the renowned Banda EVA. It was there that she gained recognition, creating hits like "Arerê" and "Beleza Rara", that has already been heard by every single Brazilian. Six years later, the singer started her solo career, which has countless successes and continues to this day.



Daniela Mercury


In one of her most famous songs, Daniela sings “the color of this city is me, the song of this city is mine”. And her song is the song of Salvador, Bahia’s capital! Raised in the Brotas neighborhood, the artist started singing in bars at the age of 19, and was the backing vocalist of countless famous names, such as Gilberto Gil. As her career grew, she released her first album, which delighted Brazilians so much that ended up being succeeded by 18 more! Furthermore, the singer is also the founder of an electric trio and recorded 7 dvd’s!


Gal Costa


Also from Salvador, Gal Costa is one of the biggest names in MPB - Brazilian popular music - and a huge mark on the tropicalist movement in Brazil. With an impressive career that has 40 albums (31 from studio and 9 live), the artist sang alongside unique singers, such as Caetano, Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethânia (the next Bahian woman in our list!), always challenging and faithful to her principles.


Maria Bethânia


Daughter of the city of Santo Amaro, Bethânia has been singing in Brazil for more than fifty years in a stripped and unique style. Along with her famous brother, Caetano Veloso, the singer started her career in Salvador, which today holds unforgettable songs such as “Reconvexo”, “Carta de Amor” and “Fera ferida”.



Margareth Menezes



Undoubtedly, if any Brazillian hear someone saying “que mara mara maravilha, ê”, their memory will complete the sentence with a very excited “Egito, Egito ê”. This is the result of the work of Margareth Menezes, from Salvador, who left the choirs of the church that she used to go to in order to sing through the ears of all Brazil. Using her music, the artist has achieved countless conquests, such as the "AfroPop Brazilian Movement", that supports the growth of emerging Afro-Brazilian artists, and the "Cultural Factory", an NGO that helps children and teenagers in need. Wonderful, isn’t it?




To end our list, how about getting out of the axé, mpb styles a bit, and go to a very lively punk rock? To guide us through its rhythmic beats we have Pitty, from Salvador, who started her career playing drums at 17, and grew up to reach the mark of 32 albums. The singer studied music at the Federal University of Bahia, until a producer sought her out and the two started working together. From that moment on, her career takes off, with great hits such as “Admirável Chip Novo” and very daring, brave, creative lyrics.


So? Did you like to know a little more about the “baianas arretadas” that we have around here? We truly loved to share their story with you, and we can't wait to host all the amazing women that our country has to the sound of the works of each one in our list!